Poetry by Jeff Green


To My Fantastic Four, The FART Kids

by cricketjeff on September 8, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When the birds stop singing lovesongs ang the Moon forgets your name
When you walk into a tiger that’s too fierce for you to tame
When tomorrow’s dark and empty and you’re sure that you’re to blame
I’ll still be there to offer you a hand

If the hole you’re digging deepens so you cannot see the sky
And your wing have lost their feathers so your spirit cannot fly
If you doubt the World will hear you and it hurts too much to try
I’ll still be here to try to understand

When you start to build your shelter and you cannot find the tools
When the team they send to help you are a bunch of hopeless fools
When the guides to easy progress turn to sets of pointless rules
I’ll still believe that all you do is grand

If you ever need a shoulder or an arm or just a kick
If your candle starts to gutter I’ll be there to trim your wick
If you call for help at midnight I’ll supply it double quick
Your are  all so much better people than I’d planned

In the best and worst of summers you’re my picnics in the sun
And the mem’ry of yor laughter is my endless source of fun
On your list of great admirers there’s my name at number one
You’re the bricks of gold that pave my wonderland!

Author notes

The title isn’t rude, the intended recipients understand it