Poetry by Jeff Green


Dreams and Nightmares

by cricketjeff on October 21, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On an island in an ocean far from strains of day-to-day
There’s a life of peace and romance where my heart will always stay
There are hills that welcome walkers well formed cliffs I long to climb
On the island of my daydreams locked away from pain and time

    It’s hard to come to terms with all I know
    And hard to find the words I want to say
    For now my eyes have lost their inner glow
    But I shall meet the price I have to pay

There are houses round a harbour painted white to greet the sun
And a row of boats sit bobbing with an offering of fun
No-one tries to hide their feelings, life’s a party all can share
And I’m sharing hugs and kisses with a girl with flowing hair

    Some day these happy dreams won’t just be mine
    And everyone I love will find their own
    When vinegar turns back to vintage wine
    And seeds of new tomorrows have been sown

Can you feel the balmy breezes as the sunset turns to gold
And the only other person is the one you long to hold
Can you count the gold-tipped ripples as they walk into the night
Life will be a slice of heaven when the stars turn on their light

    When tears have dried and smiles aren’t out of place
    When we have found the way to carry on
    I’ll look and see the future in each face
    And finally the nightmares will be gone