Poetry by Jeff Green


Wanting You

by cricketjeff on December 24, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I want to feel my fingers resting lightly on your thigh,
To kiss you on the lips and touch your hair;
I want to feel the passion in your almost unheard sigh,
Rejoicing in the hopes you know we share.

I want to watch your foot move, when you think that I won’t brake,
Although you know I’d never do you harm.
I’d help you count the Moonbeams that are keeping you awake
Then pull you close and turn off the alarm.

I want to see the mornings in your warm reflected light,
I want to breathe the air that you exhale;
I need to know tomorrow will be after our tonight
When you and I have built the boat we’ll sail.

Whenever I am lonely I can hear you in my head,
Your voice is all I need to build a dream.
You’re ketchup on my dinner, you’re the teddy in my bed,
The shovel that I need to get up steam.

Don’t ever change your essence but don’t ever stay the same,
I want to know the you that you could be.
With you as loyal lapdog and the tiger I can’t tame
I’d find the strength to finally be free.