Poetry by Jeff Green


In Praise of Toddlers

by cricketjeff on December 24, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

So many sigh at babies’ tiny toes,
At charming smiles, indicative of wind —
Such foolishness, I’ve had my fill of those,
It’s man’s next stage on which my hopes are pinned.

The first few steps and incoherent words,
The wonderment at everything they see,
All sporting stars all unaccomplished nerds
Were fun to know when they were under three.

In just two years you see the future formed,
The buds from which the flowers and fruits will grow.
The bleakest times I’ve known were always warmed
When I saw someone’s toddlers on show.

The finest jewels with which the Earth’s endowed
But must they always be so bloody loud?