Poetry by Jeff Green


To All The Unbelievers

by cricketjeff on December 24, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I think it only fair that I should mention
That Santa’s reindeer cross the fifth dimension,
While you and I must do our best with four
He finds his job requires that he use more.

He couldn’t get to everyone on Earth,
Nor slip through holes too narrow for his girth,
If physics, as it works for you and me,
Did not allow this new geometry.

So don’t cast doubts, don’t say “he don’t exist”
Because you haven’t seen him through the mist.
He visits every house in just one day
By moving in a transdimensional way!

Author notes

I may have mentioned before that Santa and I have been friends for years, he asked me to let a few of you into his secrets.