Poetry by Jeff Green


Sweet, Silent, Thought

by cricketjeff on February 20.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I once thought that life could be over,
I’d learnt all the lessons it taught,
That I’d never taste the fresh clover
Of sessions of sweet silent thought.

Newborn stars wouldn’t shine in my heavens
And lovebirds thought teasing me sport.
My heart was at sixes and sevens.
Through sessions of sweet silent thought.

Then I felt the first touch of your shadow
And washed in the light of your smile;
I knew you’d be driving me mad O-
Ver dreams that I couldn’t compile.

You gave me the reasons for caring,
And stole all that I had to give.
Some gifts are too precious for sharing,
Your love is the reason I live.

From pages of verse still unwritten
You made me the King of your court.
Now I must remain ever smitten,
By sessions of sweet silent thought.

Each new dawning day’s a beginning
To stories I long to report.
Tomorrow’s a game well worth winning,
A session of sweet silent thought.

And when we have read all the pages,
No moonbeams remain to be caught.
We’ll lie down to sleep through the ages;
Dreaming sessions of sweet, silent thought …

Author notes

Written for a contest but completed a little too late …