Poetry by Jeff Green


I Saw a Painting …

by cricketjeff on April 1.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

They’re making love on borrowed time, beneath another’s skies,
The lips he loves have kissed a man’s before.
The fragile web of soft half truths and unforgiving lies
Conceal a fate they’ve chosen to ignore.

He loves his wife but passion’s spent, he needs to feel the burn
Of white hot lust with danger on the wing.
She doesn’t care whose heart she breaks and doesn’t choose to learn
The lessons that discovery could bring.

The orchestra keeps playing so the dancers have to dance,
The morning light’s still many hours away.
You only take the prize if you’re prepared to take a chance
But you could lose what you won yesterday.

A house of cards can’t face the wind, it tumbles in a breeze,
And those who toil to build them must be careful not to sneeze.

Author notes

I saw, on a poster as I drove through London, a painting of a couple dancing passionately, in full evening dress, very Fred and Ginger, but much earlier. I have no idea who it was by or what it was intended to represent, but the first two stanzas were there by the time I got home.