Poetry by Jeff Green


For Ellis, Linda and, of course, Tiki Cat

by cricketjeff on June 9.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

At a table in a garden sits a poet and his wife,
Talking idly to Tiki as she tells them of her life,
And the poet (call him Ellis) writes the words that Tiki says,
And the lady (name of Linda) smiles, despairing of their ways.
For when Tiki starts her musings there is nothing can be done
To prevent this feline female telling Ellis of her fun.
So until the day is over and the Moon begins to shine
They stay sitting in the garden dreaming dreams of sipping wine!

Author notes

Just for the fun of it Ellis, as you all know is a friend of Tiki the world’s greatest cat poet. Linda does her best to keep them both in order. All three of them are unfailingly nice about my poetry, but that apart they are really good people (or cats).