Poetry by Jeff Green


The Beta Sucks

by cricketjeff on June 18.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The beta’s not for you if you’re “creative”,
Hard luck if you like anything “too new”.
Enlist at once if you’re for going native
But otherwise prepare to bid adieu.

Enhancing pages with a dash of colour,
The way that Shakespeare’s poetry appeared;
Anathema! Make everything much duller,
Stay safe with brown on backgrounds newly smeared.

Upsetting Kevin with a page that suits you
Cannot be good, you must think as you’re told.
Keep quiet until conformity pollutes you
Spellbound by ads, it’s not worth buying gold!

Why would I pay for rubbish I dislike?
The Beta Sucks so I’ll be on my bike!

Author notes

I almost never write Acrostics but as I shan’t be able to colour my text on the Beta I thought it would suit this contest well.

If you are using the “beta” (now the main site) you will not see the highlighting for the acrostic I suggest looking at the old form (place a. before allpoetry.com in the address bar) and see which you prefer.