Poetry by Jeff Green


The Queen of Clouds at Night

by cricketjeff on June 22.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Every night I sit enraptured by sheer beauty from above,
Dressed in wisps of white emotion, drawn from spinnerets of love,
Lit by silver tinted moonbeams, scented by the sounds of light,
I am kissed by all I’ve dreamt of, by the Queen of Clouds at night.

As a child I well remember stories at my mother’s knee
Of the beauty of the fairies and the folk too few could see
And I saw them every evening when the light had ebbed away
To the lands when dreams can touch you and you’ll always yearn to stay
There I slept beneath the wonder of a billion shards of light
And I lost my heart forever to the Queen of Clouds at night.

If you wait until the moment that the sky is blessed with gold
And the gentlest of breezes whisper to the birds they hold
If you close your eyes in wonder you can see far past the sky
Through the cares that dim your vision when your heart decides to fly
On an island by the ocean she is waiting there for me
Dressed in mists and pure white lilies she is love and poetry
An angelic veil of music fills the scene with sweet delight
And I dance from dusk to dawning with my Queen of Clouds at night.

Author notes

I haven’t floated away on romantic words for too long …