Poetry by Jeff Green


Until Then

by cricketjeff on June 23.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s time to sleep, to kiss the day goodbye,
To close my eyes and see you next to me.
To taste your lips, to hear you softly sigh,
Alone at night you set my spirit free.

These empty days hang heavy on my heart,
But every night I’m lighter than the air.
So cruel of fate to hold us far apart
But time and miles can’t break the dreams we share.

Another life, when days were touched with gold,
And nights were only good enough for sleep.
I lived my dreams, for you were here to hold,
I couldn’t know that I would learn to weep.

Until the time we’re one both day and night,
I’ll wake in tears and sleep in sweet delight.

Author notes


Re-reading Neruda makes you go all gushy!