Poetry by Jeff Green


The Arrow of Time

by cricketjeff on August 28.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It would appear that time’s the one dimension
That doesn’t have a retrograde extension;
I can take a walk and turn to left or right,
Then dig a hole or climb to change my height,
I can rush ahead or stumble in reverse
Then write about my foolishness in verse
But however hard I try I find no way,
To go to sleep and wake up yesterday.

A symmetry thus broken is perplexing
And furthermore the rule is rather vexing!
I know I’d win the lottery each week
If tomorrow me could find a way to speak
And all the wrongs of life could be undone
If time was not the only one-way one.
Just think of all the games that we could play
If we could only wake up yesterday.