Poetry by Jeff Green


All Right!

by cricketjeff on September 23.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Tomorrow could be better than the best of yesterday
When I touched untarnished heaven and I knew what stars would say
Some days will be far darker than a January night
But in the end I think we’ll be all right

I’d never been as happy when I saw my first-born son
But my hand was crushed and useless and I wouldn’t call that fun
Number two was in a hurry, appeared in a flash of light
I think the two of them have turned out right

Number three’s my ginger midget she’s all diamond, far from rough
She should float on clouds of velvet but she’s had things pretty tough
One more boy who’s cool as winter cost me years of sleep at night
And both are them were born to turn out right

All the ups and downs we’ve gathered on the back roads to today
Tell me we can keep on running till the winter’s washed away
When we top the highest mountain and we bathe in morning light
We can smile and say today the World’s all right