Poetry by Jeff Green


A Virus

by cricketjeff on September 30.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A virus is a lifeless piece of D or R NA,
That can find its way inside you and destroy the brightest day.
It codes for reproduction which gets started double quick
And very soon you’ll find that you are miserable and sick.

I am sitting here and sneezing with a red and runny nose,
Feeling worse than rigor mortis from my hair-roots to my toes.
I’ve a shrinking stack of tissues and a bin that’s looking small,
I’ve a box of fiery meggos and a tendency to fall.

All because some lifeless virus, with its D or R NA
Floated up inside my nostril and took happiness away!

Author notes

Meggos are Meggezones, old fashioned cough pastilles that taste pretty horrible but actually seem to work, even though most of the original ingredients have probably long been banned.