Poetry by Jeff Green


Melvin the dragon

by cricketjeff on September 4, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Melvin is a friendly dragon
Melvin likes ice-cream
Melvin always feels uneasy
If he makes a lady scream

Melvin’s not a noisy dragon
Melvin plays the flute
Melvin’s not a spiky dragon
Melvin’s rather cute

Melvin is a generous dragon
Melvin likes to share
Melvin doesn’t hoard his treasure
Leaves it here and there

Melvin rarely fries a stranger
Melvin takes great care
But if you’re standing near a dragon
It pays to be aware!

Melvin is a dreadful flyer
He has stumpy wings
Melvin is a bit short sighted
He bumps into things

Melvin likes a lady dragon
Martha is her name
Martha also loves her ice-cream
The two are just the same

If you chance to see a dragon
Rather fat and blue
If that dragon has no ice-cream
You know what to do!

Author notes

I met Melvin last night, he has quite a few friends and I’ve promised them their own website. Melvin is very shy of cameras so if you know anyone who is especially good at drawing fat, cute, blue dragons please let me know and I’ll introduce them to Melvin.