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Water Water Everywhere

by cricketjeff on October 13.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Water, water everywhere, the weather man was right
It rained throughout the afternoon, the evening and the night
And when she woke next morning, the view was not the same
The lack of trees and houses must be prinicip’ly to blame!

From every door and window, and yes she checked each one
There wasn’t anything she knew, a mystery, what fun!
She tried to boil the kettle, to make a cup of tea
But many things won’t function when your house has gone to sea!

No lights, no television, no toaster making toast,
Electric gadgets rarely work when floating off the coast —
A house needs running water not water for a lawn,
This wasn’t what she wanted when she rose to meet the dawn.

I wonder if you’ve had a go at piloting a home,
They aren’t exactly graceful while they’re cutting through the foam;
It took her almost half a week to sail it back to town
And nearly half as long again to safely nail it down!

It shouldn’t really shock you to learn that when it rains
She now takes extra special care to not block any drains!

Author notes

There was a contest asking for entrants to complete the phrase “water water everywhere” sadly it called for a one liner, not an ocean liner …