Poetry by Jeff Green


It went with a bang!

by cricketjeff on December 22, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I have a special present, for a lady that I know.
I wrapped it as she’d like it, easy access, don’t you know.
I hope she has the heating on, or else it will be small,
That’s a problem for a gentleman with nothing on at all.
I know that she will use it, she often wants a loan,
And I think that she enjoys it, it’s a different sort of moan.
Every way she wants it, if she wants it warm inside
I’ll be very pleased to take her on a long exciting ride.
Now she opens up the door and she hasn’t many clothes
Those she has are small and lacy and I must approve of those
She squeals at me delightedly, she reaches for her prize
I can’t wait until she grasps it, delight written in her eyes
She hurries to unwrap it, she wants to see it quick
A rather loud explosion!

                        The balloon has met the prick!

Author notes

Happy Birthday…

Written to this picture.