Poetry by Jeff Green


The production line

by cricketjeff on December 23, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Ereward the smallest elf
Must paint the soldiers on this shelf
Every individual face
Has expression fixed in place

The tiny soldiers in a crush
Wait for Ereward’s finest brush
Uniforms and rifles too
Even laces on each shoe

A platoon sent to each small boy
To be this Christmas’s finest toy
The shelf below has cars and trains
A speciality it seems of Jayne’s

She makes sure each will run for miles
To give new owners, year long smiles
Her mother meanwhile makes the sweets
Each stocking must be crammed with treats

Noisy trumpets, Ernest made
Tuned so each will make the grade
Pongo’s making drums and stuff
Then testing they are loud enough

Dolls with hair and clothes by Ruth
(Designer “style” to tell the truth)
Balls and skittles, paints and pens
Made next downstairs by young Hortense

The deadline closes, Christmas eve
When the boss prepares to leave
Father Christmas on his sleigh
Has work to do for Christmas day