Poetry by Jeff Green


Sitting up to wait for Santa

by cricketjeff on December 23, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Sitting up to wait for Santa
Wrapped in arms we snuggle tight.
Christmas bells heard from the rooftop
But all I see is you tonight.

Magic light of course surrounds him,
In it’s glow I see your smile.
Takes his time arranging presents,
I stare at you for all the while.

Drinks the sherry, eats the biscuits.
You and I just softly kiss.
He gives a belch, but while I’m with you
I’ll not see a thing amiss.

Holding hands and kissing gently
Candlelight and fire-glow.
No resistance, I undress you,
Now Santa’s gone no-one will know.

Making love amidst the presents
Between the tree and fireside.
Snow is falling, wind is blowing
But we are warm and loved inside.

Christmas morning, still we cuddle,
Cup of tea to start the day.
The gifts we bought are quite forgotten
Christmas is for love and play.

Author notes

A magical and romantic Christmas I’d say.