Poetry by Jeff Green


Summer in December

by cricketjeff on December 25, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Soft rain was greening the grass, I remember
As we walked in the fields, in summer, in love
Now we sit cuddled up, holding hands in December
I still see the wisps of the clouds up above

I turned to your face and the cows kept on chewing
You held me so close, as we kissed on the path
Perfect contentment in all we were doing
And now in the winter, we kiss on the hearth

Home from that walk, to the house we were renting
A cottage, two weeks and two lovers alone
Clothes we had strewn, as we rushed unrelenting
Now together at Christmas our love is still shown

Home from that holiday, life interfering
Our love, just as urgent, was hidden within
Now we are here at this season endearing
The next part of loving is set to begin…

Author notes

I read this poem A love note by Dalaney which I commented on with an inferior rhyming version. Her turn of phrase and flow are close to perfect at times, and actually, sometimes so is her rhyming!

Free versers should read her to see that line breaks can make sense not just randomly fill the page, and rhymers like me should read her to see that rhyme sometimes isn’t needed at all.