Poetry by Jeff Green


Across the generations

by cricketjeff on December 27, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Santa one and Santa two
Fast asleep in front of you
Don’t wake them up and spoil the view
It’s just a slice of Christmas

Santa one is old and grey
He’s been hard at work all day
Now he’s nothing left to say
He’s fast asleep for Christmas

Flown the world with gifts for all
A rattle for baby, for Granny a shawl
Now sleeping with grand-daughter small
A perfect piece of Christmas

Santa two was busy too
Gives her mum so much to do
Bet she wishes she was you
And dozing right through Christmas

Old and young are both the same
Wild awake, but sleeping tame
Really it’s all in the game
A perfect family Christmas

Author notes

Contest entry to go with this picture perhaps the cutest picture this Christmas!