Poetry by Jeff Green


My Christmas

by cricketjeff on December 28, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My Christmas spoiled by too much work
No time to rest and talk with friends
They must think I am a jerk
With my own ends

But when the work is done and good
For friends I’ll have a lot more time
When all is working as it should
It’s back to rhyme

A poet I may be at heart
But I must earn to pay each bill
And so I’ll stay and do may part
Against my will

Clustered servers, autofix
Web app written using rails
Pound and lots of sys-admin tricks
For when it fails

Council jobsites running fine
With lots of features that they need
So now I’ll turn to ginger wine
And Christmas feed

Author notes

A newly launched product was not quite stable when Christmas happened.