Poetry by Jeff Green


I’m British

by cricketjeff on December 28, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

What does it mean to be British
A nation whose people are fit-ish
The country from Europe that’s split-ish
Oh it’s great to be a Brit

By British of course I mean English
The idea makes me all Tinglish
And wish once again I was singl-ish
And seeking an English girl

By English I mean from the smoke
You see I’m a London bloke
Though Ken Livingstone makes me choke
London’s the city for me

If you’re British it means that the Yanks
Should all of them bow down in thanks
(they won’t ’cause they’re crabby old cranks)
The British are better by far

The Spanish, the Germans the French
Will have to admit with a wrench
They aren’t worth a broken park bench
The Continents not very nice

I’m British, I’m proud, don’t know why
But I know I don’t need to be shy
I can look other folk in the eye
Because I’m British!

Author notes

Just a bit of fun before bedtime!