Poetry by Jeff Green


The World in a garden.

by cricketjeff on December 30, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The whole world in miniature, crafted with skill,
Driven by steam and the force of his will.
A garden transformed, a theatre of life,
Plants are controlled by a train-loving wife.
A station constructed instead of a shed,
A bridge ‘cross the pond from designs in his head.
The man that the council sent out to inspect
Gasped with delight and the plans went unchecked.
A4 Pacific in standard 1 Gauge,
Years of his life and the star on this stage.
A farm scene his son built for years with his Dad;
The two men together both filthy and glad.
His daughter has painted each house they have built.
A boat on the river, is stranded in silt.
Outside the “Queens Arms”, the world’s put to rights,
Three men with their pint pots, ignoring the sights.
Retirement at sixty, now fifteen years past
And the end of the world is in prospect at last.
Cars of the vintage, a neighbour has lent,
Snapped by the man that the local rag sent.
Men on the station, some children at school,
A man from the circus who’s dressed as a fool.
The world in their garden, so perfect and neat
Is now, like their lives, very nearly complete.

Author notes

An A4 Pacific is a Steam Locomotive designed by Sir Nigel Gresley for the LNER in Great Britain, for those who care about such things an A4 called Mallard holds the World speed record for a Steam hauled Railway train.

Local rag is common English usage for a local newspaper, and snapped means photographed if that slang isn’t universal. Don’t think there are any rhyming gotcha’s with accent, except that for me checked and inspect rhyme, but I guess could merely be an assonance for some.