Poetry by Jeff Green


Mrs Cratchit’s musings

by cricketjeff on December 30, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My Bob works hard most every day
Earning Mr Scrooge his pay
Yet he himself gets little back
Just worries he will get the sack

Tiny Tim is small and ill
Yet Bob adores his steady will
His little face is full of fun
He says “God bless us everyone”

Christmas Day, the family joins
To share the fruits of so few coins
And Bob will comment every year
How the pudding brings him cheer

And now this morning early knock
Demanding that I draw the lock
A turkey fit to serve the Queen
Brought by a man I’ve never seen

Will the baker have the space?
This bird will fill up half the place
A Christmas dinner none have known
And yet we have it for our own

With the turkey, beer was brought
Other trimmings I’d have sought
But we’ll have meat enough for days
However long our daughter stays!

Next day Bob is rather late
He expects a dreadful fate
But early home and smiling broad
Fate at last brings him reward

Extra money, Scrooge gone mad
A happier Bob I’ve never had
Medicine for Tim he says
Mr Scrooge insists he pays!

From blackest night to brightest day
Christmas seems to find a way
For lives to turn to rich from poor
No wife alive can ask for more!

Author notes

Not as good as I wanted, but if I don’t enter now I’ll miss it.