Poetry by Jeff Green


The final illness

by cricketjeff on January 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Doctor doctor, tell me please
Why it’s all blue each time I sneeze
Don’t be silly, start to drink
Instead of merely SNIFFING ink!

Doctor Doctor, it hurts my thighs
Every time I exercise
I’m not surprised by that at all
Those Lycra shorts are MUCH too small

Doctor doctor, I just can’t sleep
I’m now so tired I have to weep
Silly man lie down each night
Don’t sit up reading, eyes closed tight!

Doctor doctor, I’m depressed
My inner child must be repressed
Don’t be daft just run and play
I haven’t time for this today

Doctor doctor, what can I do
I think that I’m in love with you
With these daft symptoms that you bring
I guessed as much, go buy a ring!

Author notes

Hope this meets the rules!