Poetry by Jeff Green


Christmas completeness, resplendent in red

by cricketjeff on January 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Sensuous flower in beautiful bracts.
Expressions of love that it always attracts.
Christmas completeness resplendent in red,
Seasonal sights that I see from my bed.

And lying beside me, with lips of like hue.
The flower of Christmas, for me, must be you.
The petals of red on your own winter rose,
The scent of the season for my seeking nose.

The sensitive bud that I handle with care,
The joy of the season, the love that we share.
The plant by the window, my love in my bed.
Christmas completeness, and both dressed in red.

Author notes

To the prompt, Poinsettia Sensate, an attempt at a sensual interpretation.

I hope I can rhyme