Poetry by Jeff Green


Feline feelings

by cricketjeff on January 5, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

How long can it take to buy cream?
I ought to be having a dream
Of keeping a feline harem
After dinner

It’s not like she has much to do
Just fetch me some tidbits to chew
And really I just want a few
And my dinner

This waiting is rather a bore
It isn’t that far to the store
Then open and put on the floor
That’s my dinner

Or maybe she’ll get me some fish
I think that is what I shall wish
Then pile it up high in the dish
Sunday dinner

You can’t get the owners these days
They just want to sit back and laze
So I have to sit here and gaze
For my dinner

Ah now she has opened the gate
Hurry-up woman you’re late
I’ve worked myself into a state
Over dinner

When I’ve eaten the food she’s bought me
I’ll curl up asleep on her knee
I suppose I can’t moan it’s all free
And it’s dinner!

Author notes

A picture of a cat gazing into a garden