Poetry by Jeff Green


Love beneath the moon

by cricketjeff on January 5, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Beneath the stars, beneath the moon .
I’ll sit and sing my love a tune
And she will sit and love with me.
As notes of love are shyly strewn.

My love is all that I shall see
And she shall sit and gaze at me.
At last I’ll take her to my breast
And then as one, we two, shall be

This lady that I love the best.
Had set for me this formal test.
To sing for her a song most sweet.
Before we take the time to rest.

I taste her lips, the sweetest meat.
We kiss together on the seat.
Beside the lapping water side
And find my test is now complete.

Her passion rising like the tide,
Her urgent lips won’t be denied.
We shall retire to bed, now soon
She takes my hand, leads me inside…

Author notes

An interlocking rubaiyat, mainly as practice in writing in dreaded iambs.