Poetry by Jeff Green


Two silly snakes

by cricketjeff on September 6, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Simon said something so silly
That Sharon said he should cease
When the silly snakes looked at each other
Their giggling could only increase.

They’ve been playing and joking for ages
Simon thought that a branch was his mate
Sharon saw what a fool he was being
Her laughter at Simon was great

Sharon slid down a slide without looking
And ended up covered in slime
Simon saw the the slide was all slimy
And was laughing for all of the time

Together they set up poor Cedric
They sent him some scent that was strong
When Cedric went to chat up his Cicely
She fled from the terrible pong

What can you do with two naughty snakes
Who are causing the country such pain
You enter the pair in Big Brother
Where they do it for financial gain!

Author notes

Don’t like the ending really