Poetry by Jeff Green


my Mistress may i (Lesbian BDSM)

by cricketjeff on January 5, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You’ve bound my elbows to my knees
Each ankle to each wrist
And then You told me “make Me come”
With no hands to assist
my Mistress may i come?

It took me ages to remove
Your panties with my teeth
Then as You sat across my face
i tongued what was beneath
my Mistress may i come?

As i worked You mauled my tits
And clamped my nipples tight
You pulled and twisted each of them
Each move You made so right
my Mistress may i come?

You slapped my pussy with a strap
With my long tongue in yours
You punish me so sweetly
Whenever You feel cause
my Mistress may i come?

Your fingernails upon my clit
You make me squeal in pain
i love the way you use my parts
Please hurt my clit again
my Mistress may i come?

my bum now gets its own desire
You beat and slap it so
You push Your fingers in its hole
i do so love You so
my Mistress may i come?

And now You use my pussy, wet
Your hand You plunge inside
And then You whisper “Yes my pet”
And take me for a ride
my Mistress i have come!!!

Author notes

Ok, for some obvious reasons I don’t know if this is what you want, not being, female, lesbian or submissive may put me at a disadvantage!!!