Poetry by Jeff Green


A late wedding

by cricketjeff on January 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Soft as summer rain, a kiss
Falls from your perfect lips
Our hands just touched at finger tips
I lost my heart to bliss

So many years I’d loved you so
Since we were both in school
When I just like a perfect fool
Gave up and let you go

I married once, without my heart
You loved the man you found
And now in happiness profound
New life for both can start

I know I wasted all this life
You filled yours to the brim
And happy as you were with him
You’ve finished up my wife

Eighty years ago we met
And promised that we’d wed
So now I take you to my bed
And banish all regret

The wedding of the year they say
They also say it’s strange
I just welcome in the change
And plan a night of play

How much is left? I have no clue
But now the end is sweet
Before my story is complete
I give all my life to you.

Author notes

Not very good!

It started as an interesting sound in my head, not I read it back I should have left it there.
The end now considerably improved, but I still don’t like it!