Poetry by Jeff Green


My Grandad

by cricketjeff on January 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When my eldest son was born
My Grandad beamed with joy.
He now had a great-grandson,
With lineage all boy.
Our eldest wears Great-Grandad’s name,
Which made my Grandad smile,
It took away the pain of life
Just for a little while.
And then his goals had all been met,
In months he crept away.
But I can hold inside my heart
The memory of that day.

It’s very sad when people die,
When they are those you love.
It doesn’t matter if, for you,
They’re dead or “up above”.
All I’ve found to comfort me
Is think of him before
The man I loved was fit and well
Not old and frail and sore.
So when somebody says his name,
Or the funny things he said.
I do not feel the need to cry
I smile for him instead.

Author notes

Needs editting so will be doing that tonight