Poetry by Jeff Green


I became i became she

by cricketjeff on January 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When did I become i become she?
she cannot now see her as me.
Part of her Master, and nothing alone.
All other thoughts from her mind have now flown.
Bondage not needed, she’d stay there without.
Since I became i became she there’s no doubt.
His body He tied here, His body and mind.
When He returns here that is all that He’ll find
Whip her, or beat her or tie her in pain
she’ll silently love Him again and again…

Author notes

OK since I went soft on you last time I thought I’d go further…

No “i” for this one, no self at all, just utter devotion to Master. Clearly 24/7 and without end here. If she has a safe word would she be capable of using it?
Could her master actually mistreat her if she really is just part of him?