Poetry by Jeff Green


In the city

by cricketjeff on January 12, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I find my quiet spot in the middle of the city.
Serenity surrounded by the heavy sounds of life.
Lying on the grass where I can look for girls so pretty,
Twenty yards, or miles away, from brutal urban strife.

Sensual surroundings, for my lunchtime in the city.
Rough, abrasive London life, is days and days away.
Soft green grass, and mighty trees and flower beds so pretty
In a London park where I can let my daydreams play.

Concrete and steel sterility mark out a modern city.
Placidity and quietness can seem another land.
But in a little square where everything is calm and pretty,
Repose is always open to the few who understand.

If unkind winds and rainfall come to wash across my city
Then you’d think my quietude was nowhere to be found.
But there’s a bookshop in High Holborn, and a girl who’s oh so pretty
Where I can read some poetry and think my thoughts profound.

Tranquility is all inside, even in a busy city,
Or any other place you spend your time.
Just fill your mind with thoughts that are just calming and so pretty
Then let your mind compose for you a peaceful little rhyme.

Author notes

I almost never do wordbanks but hey, try anything once or more often if it doesn’t hurt too much.

abrasive, brutal, heavy, placidity, quiet, quietness, quietude, repose, rough, sensual, serenity, soft, sterility, unkind.
The repeated city/pretty rhyme was deliberate, but I don’t know if I like it. I had thought to use the “icity” words from the bank, but this seemed to work better.