Poetry by Jeff Green


The siren song

by cricketjeff on January 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She captured my heart with her song from the sea
Sat on a rock as she sang just for me
I knew that my soul could not ever break free
I’ve fallen in love with a mermaid

She sat up so proud and she played with her hair
Coyly ensuring that I was aware
On the whole crowded beach there was only me there
When I fell in love with a mermaid

When you love a mermaid you’re both happy and sad
Your life will be good and your life will be bad
Sometime you will cry and at others be glad
It is hard when your love is a mermaid

When she’s walking on land she is all you could wish
With a presence and beauty that’s almost impish
But when she hears the sea she just wants to be fish
And that is the way with a mermaid

Mermaids are not mortal so they never age
And loving a man is for them just a stage
One day they will simply turn over the page
And that is the end of your mermaid

I sit on the beach and I gaze at the rock
Where my life began and then ended in shock
She still has my heart and its closed with a lock
Where in the world is my mermaid

Author notes

I seem to be stuck in a mermaid phase