Poetry by Jeff Green


Into action

by cricketjeff on January 14, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It starts with a kiss and a taste of you lips
And fingers caressing and testing for drips
My mouth to your breasts and my fingers inside
My thumb on your clit and you’re starting to ride
Biting your nipples, my fingers now find
A spot in your pussy that quite blows your mind
The slickness inside you I use at your bum
Fingers in two holes will soon make you cum
While you are trembling and screaming “YES PLEASE”
I flip you right over and up on your knees
There is no resistance, I plunge deep within
A rhythm of smacks and of thrusts can begin
By the time I am happy, and my bolt has been shot
Your bum will be red, and the action all hot!

Author notes

Descriptive enough?