Poetry by Jeff Green


A cure for romance

by cricketjeff on September 8, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There are not any stars tonight
Nothing in the sky is shiny bright
All above is gloomy black
I wish they’d put the starlight back

There’s isn’t any moon today
Her silvery light is far away
No lovers ever stop and sigh
Beneath a dark and cloudy sky

Astronomers are stuck indoors
Putting their instruments back in their drawers
No telescopes to help them see
Wonders hidden from you and me

No meteors (they’re shooting stars)
Or rare and distant supernovas
No asteroids to name for Aunts
No searching for signs of Martian plants

So I’m not going out to look in awe
At the sights the universe has in store
I’m just staying here and sitting tight
It’s a grey and dreary London night

Author notes

Yes I know they are supernovae but they aren’t shooting stae so it wouldn’t work!