Poetry by Jeff Green


Nights of love

by cricketjeff on January 15, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Softly swollen sultry sexy
The curves that men admire
Nothing more than curvy ladies
Sets a man on fire

Kissing over swollen belly
Until you find your goal
Tits that wobble like a jelly
Perfect for the soul

Take it steady, feeling teasing
Pamp’ring ev’ry part
Fingers find the place they’re seeking
Then the fun can start

Breasts to nibble, squeeze and tickle
Before it’s pussy’s turn
Test her clit and lick the lips there
All this is fun to learn

Place two fingers in her pussy
Stroke behind her clit
Lips and teeth and tongue on outside
Kiss and nibble it

Once she’s begging pleading squirming
Time for something more
Enter in with firm intention
It’s your turn to score

Doggy style and face to face
Or cowgirl if you like
They say you can’t forget the method
Ride her like a bike!

All night long, again next morning
Only months to go
Nights of love with pregnant lady
Better than you know!!!

Author notes

That takes me back a very long way!

Thanks to LilyOTV for pointing out some errors I hhope I have now fixed.