Poetry by Jeff Green


A modest poet

by cricketjeff on January 16, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The sonnet that Amera wrote
Is all about Eurydice
It is of all the ones to quote
The best you’ll see

In fact in almost any form
She’ll write for you a perfect verse
With sentiment both rich and warm
Subjects diverse

At last she carried off the gold
A thing she thought she’d never see
With rhyme about a Grannie old
Who looked like me!

And now she’s sent us two more rhymes
To put both Sue and I in tears
About some sad forgotten times
In former years

Will she be crowned as rhyming Queen?
When all results are there to see.
The greatest that AP has seen?
Except for me!

Author notes

The references to gold and rhymes are about a series of rhyming contests. I’ll replace this with links to the poems and contests shortly.

Amera would probably like it know that this is a sapphic ode. I like it because it is bouncy and provides room for a twist.