Poetry by Jeff Green


A question

by cricketjeff on January 16, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Just a soft kiss to begin it,
Then tongue touches tongue and we start
My fingers are searching and probing
Can their wanderings capture your heart

Exploring your body and tasting
I’ll kiss everywhere that I can
My fingers have found what they’re seeking
I’m pulling you into the plan

Biting your nipple protruding
While fingers are pushing inside
Sucking and teasing and licking
My fingers aren’t trying to hide

Playing and teasing within you
I still have my mouth on a breast
Two spaces I’ve found for my fingers
I wonder which one is the best

Stretching and pushing and rubbing
My tongue finds a nipple to strum
I’m not going to jump the next hurdle
‘Til after the first time you’ve cum

You scream and you mumble out something
My name and some swearing as well
I think that you’ve reached some conclusions
And I know the best way to tell

And now that inside you I’m lodging
You’ve chosen the space I must fill
But when I have finished in this one
I’m sure that the other will thrill

And though I’ve a cock well within you
I won’t let the outside alone
I find that a touch of clitoris
Is often the start of a moan

When all of the games are completed
We’re both of us happy and sore
I’ll smack you quite hard on a bumcheek
And ask if you’d like “just one more”!