Poetry by Jeff Green


The watcher

by cricketjeff on January 16, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Never see him in the shadows
Yet you know that he is there
Ever silent ever watchful
For a moment unaware

Never think that you have passed him
For he sees you everywhere
He’s the watcher in the darkness
Always far from spotlight glare

In city street at midday
At a crowded country fair
He will mark your every movement
Waiting ’til you look elsewhere

There’s no way you can avoid him
More tenacious than a bear
He can scent the slightest weakness
When your bravery will tear

All the terror that can grip you
When no sound is in the air
Is the echo of his presence
He’s the fear that we all share

Every person on his hit-list
Cannot know that they are there
But it’s certain he is watching
And he holds you in his stare

Just close one eye when sleeping
And be thankful you’ve a pair
For the lurker in the shadows
Can attack from anywhere!