Poetry by Jeff Green


A rubberless tragedy

by cricketjeff on January 18, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Here we have an illustration
Better live with your frustration
Than indulge in penetration
If you don’t know the lass

A rebus tells the tragic story
Though the tale is sad not gory
No-one ends up bathed in glory
Neither lad nor lass

If you don’t want to be a daddy
Always be a careful laddy
Keep equipment in a caddy
Not bare inside the lass

To give your tale a happy ending
Remember she may be pretending
Or twenty years of cash be spending
Paying for the lass

Rubber sleeves can fight diseases
While you’re doing that which pleases
Better safe and suffer teases
Than give in to the lass!

A girl should do what mummy taught ‘er
A boy should do just what he “oughta”
Drum it in your son or daughter
Rubbers are first class!