Poetry by Jeff Green


For my friend

by cricketjeff on January 18, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In Western Kent a lady sits,
Penning poems, sad as night.
When every word and feeling fits;
She knows it’s right.

Nostalgia for some better times,
When lives were lived at simple pace.
Each thought encased in perfect rhymes,
And gentle face.

Poems of love or rural bliss
Are well within the range she sweeps.
Perhaps a most erotic kiss.
From passion’s deeps.

And now she pens a Sapphic ode
Of nature red in tooth and claw
She’s headed down another road
Of poets lore

Author notes

For Sue Cardwell my fellow judge and friend, a really fine poet who writes wonderfully simple and evocative rhyme, check her out.