Poetry by Jeff Green


A bite for supper

by cricketjeff on January 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Eyes so green and lips so red
Jet black hair atop her head
Only problem, she’s undead!
What a lovely vampire

Met her in a club that night
Fell in love at that first sight
Only problem it’s not right
To love a lovely vampire

Danced and teased the whole night long
She was flirting hot and strong
I should have known that it is wrong
To tempt a lovely vampire

She followed me most willingly
Things were going thrillingly
Before what happened chillingly
I held my lovely vampire

Until the dawn we loved so well
No better loving I can tell
Now I had fallen in the spell
Cast by this lovely vampire

In that same club each night I see
One hundred faces I could be
But now they should be scared of me!
I’m now a lonely vampire!

Author notes


option 8 B in the contest whores contest

I am cricketjeff, that is Jeff Green in a more formal sense.