Poetry by Jeff Green


Stone cold

by cricketjeff on January 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Within your stone I see a scene
A winter forest dowsed in snow
The conifers all white and clean
Red deer below

A stalking wolf I think is there
Resplendent in his winter white
He searches for a kill to share
This darkest night

A woodman’s hut between the trees
A fire that keeps the night at bay
Inside a family must squeeze
Until the day

Around the hut the wolf may prowl
Drawn by the scent of winter stores
The woodman hears a screeching owl
Beyond the doors

A sound, my gaze is drawn aside
My stone wrought dream is now no more
Back to the present I must ride
Life as before

Your lovely jewel lies in my hand
A magic charm wrapped up in gold
I smile as I now understand
It is not cold

Author notes

What I see in this beautiful jewel by Micol

And yes I know it doesn’t look like gold I’m imagining it is white gold for reasons of poetic possibility!

In Sapphic form, 4 line stanzas, syllable count of 8,8,8,4 rhymed abab