Poetry by Jeff Green


The world below the city

by cricketjeff on September 9, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Few men can know the beauty of the sewers down below
Where the filth that people leave behind is left to ebb and flow
Stalactites of congealed fat glisten in an eerie light
As below them on the foaming deeps, float rafts of human shite
The rats that swim and dart about have coats that shine with health
For these cleaners-up of human filth there’s a river load of wealth
Toilet paper streamers decorate the vaulted halls
And coloured plastic bags of trash, bob along in shiny balls
It’s true that the aroma that pervades this world of gloom
Isn’t quite the scent of flowers that you’d choose for your bedroom
But if your eye is tuned just right, and you look around with care
For a certain sort of poet there is beauty everywhere