Poetry by Jeff Green


Bondage sonnet

by cricketjeff on January 20, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He binds her arms to poles she cannot see
And winds His ropes across her aching soul.
she hopes that He won’t ever set her free.
That He will help her find her final goal.

The pain she feels when beaten by His hand
Is purest joy when felt within her mind.
Obedience to every last command
Is all the love that she could hope to find.

Beneath the cloak of power she’s foregone
her freedom is complete and knows no bound.
The road she chose to plant her feet upon
Was just a way to see that she has found.

Without her Master she would never feel
The only things that now she sees as real.

Author notes

BDSM Option and cricketjeff, Jeff Green that is.

Mostly playing with sonnets, hope it also meets your wishes for the contest.