Poetry by Jeff Green


Be careful what you wish for!

by cricketjeff on January 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The wings of love beneath her as she lies in soft repose
Her silken garments trail across the floor
She is dreaming of the god who has just danced her off her toes
And she wishes that she could have danced some more
He was handsome he was manly and he danced as though on wings
And she wished that she could float along the same
It seems some magic spirit felt the need to pull some strings
And she’ll wake up part of quite a different game
It is one thing to be wishing you could fly just like a bird
But to explain just how this happened, to your Mum, that’s quite absurd!

Author notes


Was the inspiration if you can call it that!
Look at the picture if you cannot follow the poem.