Poetry by Jeff Green


The King is dead, long live the King!

by cricketjeff on January 22, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It is said that poetry died last week
While prose with line breaks lives
Never more with rhythm should you speak
The use of rhyme no man forgives

The greatest language of all time
The words that shaped our toungue
Were built upon good flow and rhyme
From this all art has sprung

Since English rose from ancient speech
The orators used rhyme and flow
Our children learn best what we teach
When rhyming shows the way to go

Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton too
Were rhymers when all’s said and done
Great writers there have been but few
Who used no rhymes except in fun

No songs worth singing can be heard
All preachers close their books
Since now all oratory’s absurd
Without linguistic hooks

Now children will not learn to read
Or do much more than grunt
All mankind’s progress must now bleed
If “Free verse” is at the front

So though the corpse we bury here
Of rhyming and it’s bedmate flow
That rhyme will be reborn at once
True poets surely know!!!

Author notes

Contest entry, a eulogy for rhyme.